Let’s Go Travel Champions Sustainability Efforts in Kenya

Corporate member Let’s Go Travel shared insight into its sustainability efforts through a report launched in 2020. In the report, Managing Director Mr. Alan Dixson shared insight into the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the travel and tourism industry noting that the company had focused their efforts on implementing sustainable practices as well as enhancing their work in the community through four key pillars – livelihood, education, environment and community tourism.

The company’s sustainability pillars are tied to sustainable development goals where they aim to transform travel experiences that create a positive impact on business operations, people and the environment. The report outlines the various initiatives under each pillar with a few mentioned below:

The Pat Dixson Aid for the elderly  a project that assists elderly persons (over 75yrs), and some of whom are persons with disabilities and a few special cases of HIV with a bi-weekly food hamper, and donated clothing where possible so as to improve their livelihood.

Young Change Makers program – Let’s Go Travel continued its work through the program established to engage with tourism undergraduate students through inter-university seminars, monthly meetings and Twitter chats to focus on sustainable tourism in Africa.

Community Tourism  in promoting authentic local experiences, Let’s Go Travel listed their itinerary, Remarkable Kenya with a Humanitarian Touch’ to be a certified Magical Kenya signature experience as part of the Kenya Tourism Board’s move to promote Kenya’s niche tourist destination at national, regional and international levels through the ‘Magical Kenya Signature Experience’ promotional programme. The company aims to use this as a means to support community development and conservation which will go a long way in encouraging good use of tourism and promoting sustainable tourism.

 See more here – https://uniglobeletsgotravel.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/2020-Sustainability-Report_Lets-Go-Travel.pdf