BIK members enjoy access to the greatest resource available for those looking to engage in business between Ireland and Kenya: other people doing the same.

BIK hosts quarterly breakfast meetings, facilitating business between Ireland and Kenya. Beyond the meetings, our membership is active in our online community.


Business Ireland Kenya is an association that helps those with professional ties to Ireland and Kenya connect, share and grow. We work to facilitate networking between our members and help them get the information and resources they need to be successful.

BIK is an initiative of the Embassy of Ireland in Kenya, which created the association in 2013 to help further trade ties between the two countries. We have an active and connected membership, with quarterly meetings and a thriving Online Community where people can share their experiences, challenges and opportunities.

Anyone with business operations that span Ireland and Kenya, or who wishes to establish similar operations, is welcome to join BIK.

Learn more about our organization here, and if you’re just beginning your business journey in Kenya, Ireland or the East African Community, you will find useful BIK resources here.




BIK offers invaluable networking opportunities, both at our quarterly meetings and in our Online Community.



Access the Online Community to connect with other BIK members and share insights and opportunities.


BIK Breakfast Meeting April 20, 2018

The second BIK Breakfast Meeting of 2018 was held on Friday, 20 April, 2018 at the Capital Club East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya from 7.30 am - 9.30 am with 55 guests in attendance. Opening Remarks: BIK Chair, Niall Meany The Chair welcomed all present to the...

BIK Breakfast Meeting Feb. 23, 2018

The BIK Breakfast Meeting was held on Friday, 23rd February, 2018 at Capital Club East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya from 7.30am-9.30am with 58 guests in attendance. Niall Meany, Chair of Business Ireland Kenya, called the meeting to order at 7.45am Opening...

BIK AGM Report 2017

The AGM took place as a breakfast event on Friday, 1st December, 2017. The venue was the Capital Club EA, Westlands as was the case the previous year. Agenda General introduction AGM Elements: Approval of Accounts New BIK Fees Annual Report for 2017 Election of Office...

BIK Breakfast Meeting Oct. 6, 2017

The BIK Breakfast Meeting was held on Oct. 6, 2017 at Capital Club East Africa in Nairobi, with approximately 70 members taking part. The Ambassador of Ireland to Kenya Dr. Vincent O’Neill called the meeting to order and provided opening remarks. News from BIK The BIK...

Second BIK Connect Event

BIK members had a thrilling evening at the second BIK Connect event, which was held at the Irish Ambassador's residence in Muthaiga. The BIK Co-chairs, Dr. Vincent O'Neill and Mr. Lau Larsen, and members of the BIK Steering Committee were all present. BIK members and...

BIK Breakfast Meeting July 6, 2017

BIK members came together for a Breakfast Meeting at Capital Club on July 6, 2017. There were approximately 80 members in attendance, including 5 newly registered members and guests. The Ambassador of Ireland to Kenya Dr. Vincent O’Neill provided the opening remarks,...




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