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Business Ireland Kenya is an association that helps those with professional ties to Ireland and Kenya connect, share and grow. We work to facilitate networking between our members and help them get the information and resources they need to be successful.
BIK is an initiative of the Embassy of Ireland in Kenya, which created the association in 2013 to help further trade ties between the two countries. We have an active and connected membership, with quarterly meetings and a thriving Online Community where people can share their experiences, challenges and opportunities.
Anyone with business operations that span Ireland and Kenya, or who wishes to establish similar operations, is welcome to join BIK.
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November 24th

11.00 am

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4th December

11.00 am

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Business Ireland Kenya and the Embassy of Ireland in Kenya are delighted to invite you to the next Virtual Business Hour themed ‘Women in business: perspectives on entrepreneurship, inclusion and talent development‘ scheduled for Tuesday 24th November 2020 at 11.00 am with an excellent panel of inspirational speakers.

The session will provide an opportunity for participants to hear from diplomatic, corporate, and business perspectives with insight into Sustainable Development Goals, gender inclusion, the impact of COVID, talent development and more!

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BIK Presents Membership Certificates To 2020 Corporate Members

Business Ireland Kenya continues to engage members through providing opportunities to share and connect. Recently, BIK caught up with our Corporate Members to check-in and present 2020 Membership Certificates. See more here:  


Acceleration and Reinvention of Business Through Digital Transformation – JULY 2020

Within the month of July, Business Ireland Kenya hosted one thematic webinar. Our July webinar explored the ways in which businesses today are continually adapting through a radical rethinking of their processes, people, and use of technology to fundamentally improve business performance. Mr. Ben Roberts shared remarks on the Liquid Telecom journey noting the areas…


BIK Hosts Themed Virtual Business Hour Meetings for Members – JUNE 2020

Within the month of June, Business Ireland Kenya hosted two thematic webinars. The first webinar centered on the role of the East African Community (EAC) including the creation of protocols that promote trade and business transformation with respect to the current key strategic focus is the strengthening of safe trade zones. The session highlighted the…

BIK Corporate Members


Established in 1982, Aramex has grown to become a world leader in comprehensive transport and delivery solutions for business and consumers.  Listed on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and based in the UAE, Aramex is centrally located at the crossroads between East and West, this allows for the provision of customized logistics solutions anywhere in the world effectively and reaches more businesses and consumers regionally and globally.

Aramex is committed to continually enhancing operations while pursuing opportunities for business growth in emerging markets abroad. This approach is core to the sustainable development of Aramex business and commitment to facilitating wider, global trade in an ever-changing world.

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Insight Consulting is rooted in Africa, with unparalleled on-the-ground operational experience and a corporate office in London. Partnership with Insight Consulting brings deep local and regional understanding, rich experience and fresh global perspectives to bear on Africa’s most challenging markets. Insight Consulting’s “3i” team – Insight, Information and Intelligence – underpins the development of effective solutions for clients.

Insight’s partners are nationally and internationally recognised experts in the provision of specialist consulting services and have a proven track record of success. Their intelligent solutions give clients the certainty and confidence they need to succeed in a rapidly evolving continent.

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