Kenya Summary

Population 50 million (2018), Forecast 52 million by 2020
Population growth rate 2.67% (2017)
Capital Nairobi (population 3.5 million)
Annual GDP Growth 4.9% (2017)
Average GDP per capita $1,790 (2018)
Annual Inflation rate 3.73 per cent (2018)
Currency Kenya Shilling (KES)
S&P 2018 Credit Rating B+
Language Kiswahili, English
Other Major Cities Mombasa (1.2 million), Kisumu (400,000), Nakuru (300,000)
Political System  Devolved State with, multiparty democracy
Number of Counties  47
Unemployment rate  10.96% (2018) Youth (15-24) 21.8%
World Bank Doing Business Rank (2018) 80 out of 190 for ease of doing business


Sources: CBK, UNCTAD, World Bank, AFDB, Government of Kenya, Standard & Poor’s

Governments Economic Strategy

With the launch of Vision 2030, which sets development benchmarks for a number of priority sectors, Kenya is strongly committed to economic growth and development. The Vision is based on three pillars: economic, social and political.

In addition to fostering economic development through the country’s long-term development plan, Vision 2030, in 2017 the Kenya Government outlined the Big Four development priority areas for the next five years.

Doing Business In Kenya