BIK Hosts Themed Virtual Business Hour Meetings for Members Apr 2020

Business Ireland Kenya (BIK) supports trade and investment between Kenya and Ireland. BIK hosts themed activities throughout the year to engage members and guests.  In the month of April, BIK has hosted three virtual meetings on topical issues.

The first meeting, scheduled for 1st April focused on HR policies and labor laws with speakers from BIK member Anjarwalla & Khanna. The session explored the changes in policy and labor law brought on by the impact of the COVID – 19 pandemic giving participants the opportunity to gather insight into the handling of staff during this period.

The second Virtual Business Hour was held on 8th April with speakers from BIK member –  Viva Africa Consulting. The meeting sought to elaborate information in the Tax Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2020 which covered various changes to the prevailing tax laws in Kenya I .e.Income Tax Act (ITA), Value-Added Tax (VAT), Excise Duty Act, Tax Procedures Act, Miscellaneous Fees and Levies Act, and the Kenya Revenue Authority Act. *The Act was assented to on 25th April 2020.

On 22nd April 2020, the network hosted its third Virtual Business meeting with BIK corporate member – Warrior Insight. The webinar covered cybersecurity with the rise of increased use of digital systems and remote work as well as a security update within the context of COVID – 19.

The final Virtual webinar focused on the impact of COVID on the logistics industry with BIK corporate member Aramex. The session allowed members and guests to gather insight into the effects of the pandemic on business as well as the measures Aramex had implemented to ensure continuity of service and tips for other organizations in the sector.

The next Virtual Business sessions will be held on 6th and 19th May 2020.

BIK continues to host virtual sessions each month and further information can be found via our social media channels: and here on our website.