BIK Annual General Meeting 6 Dec, 2019

The AGM took place as a Christmas lunch event on Friday, 6th December 2019.  The venue was Tamarind Tree Hotel. There were approximately 55 guests in attendance. Guests arrived from noon and were registered as they came in.


  1. Welcome by Darren Gillen – Chair, Business Ireland Kenya
  2. Remarks by H.E Ambassador Fionnuala Quinlan – Embassy of Ireland, Kenya.
  3. Keynote address by Siddharth Chatterjee – United Nations Resident Coordinator for Kenya
  4. Q & A and comments from the floor
  5. AGM Elements:
  • Review of BIK 2019 activities
  • Presentation of accounts
  • Election of Office Bearers
  1. Raffle
  2. Conclusion of meeting

Minute 1: Welcome by Darren Gillen – Chair, Business Ireland Kenya

The BIK Chair, Mr. Darren Gillen, welcomed members and guests to the end-of-year BIK Annual General Meeting and pre-Christmas lunch 2019. He thanked the outgoing Co-Chair, Mr. Lau Larsen, for his service on the BIK Steering Committee and presented an honorary membership certificate granting him a lifetime membership to the Association. The Chair also acknowledged the transition of Mr. Kenneth Gitonga, Commercial Attache at the Embassy of Ireland noting that as of 31st December he would be leaving his post and thanked him for his service on the Business Ireland Kenya Steering Committee.

Mr. Gillen gave brief announcements on the AGM agenda, reminding members about the raffle and questionnaires on how to improve BIK services in 2020.

Minute 2: Remarks by H.E Ambassador Fionnuala Quinlan – Embassy of Ireland, Kenya

Ambassador Quinlan shared that she was delighted to be attending the first BIK AGM and noted that the year had been full of activities that have grown the association.

She thanked the Steering Committee for their service and leadership throughout the year and mentioned some notable events that BIK had participated in including the Nakuru Scoping Study, social events and business breakfasts. She gave an update on the Embassy’s main activities for 2020 including the Double Taxation Agreement between Kenya and Ireland, working with BIK to build on the Nakuru County outreach and strategies that will be valuable to members.

Minute 3: Keynote address by Siddharth Chatterjee – United Nations Resident Coordinator for Kenya

Mr. Chatterjee is the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Kenya and his presentation focused on the role of private-public partnerships in attaining vision 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Big Four Agenda. He shared insight into Ireland’s progress and potential seen through the growth in the country’s economy enabling it to emerge as a role model for many countries worldwide.


He noted the numerous opportunities available for Irish companies to invest in Kenya agribusiness, healthcare, construction, and the Blue Economy. He noted that Kenya had displayed dedication in achieving a sustainable economy and encouraged companies to identify potential areas of partnership with public organizations.

Minute 4: Q & A

Mr. Gillen then opened the floor to questions and comments. Questions focused on the role of governance in attaining the Big 4 agenda and how companies could step up to work with public organizations despite challenges in dealing with Governmental bodies. Mr. Chatterjee shared that the process of achieving the set-out goals to develop Kenya would take effect over a period of time and this would only take place if each party played their part in ensuring the country moved forward.

Mr. Gillen concluded the session by thanking Mr. Chatterjee for his insights and Ambassador Quinlan presented him with a token of appreciation.

 Minute 5: Review of BIK 2019 activities by Ms. Kathleen Vaughan – Secretary, Business Ireland Kenya

The BIK Secretary, Ms. Kathleen Vaughan, presented the Business Ireland Kenya Association annual general report for the year ended. Ms. Vaughan shared key highlights from the year noting that in 2020 the Committee will aim to enhance the network and build on the relationships formed. The report is attached as an annex.

 Minute 6: Approval of Accounts by Ms. Catherine Kiguru – Treasurer, Business Ireland Kenya

The BIK Treasurer, Ms. Catherine Kiguru, presented the audited summary accounts for the first eleven months of the year. She noted that there was an increase in revenue due to an uptake in membership and encouraged all members to ensure that they renew their subscriptions for 2020 and take advantage of the Early Bird Offer. The full audit will be finalized post-AGM (to reflect expenditure for the meeting) and will be audited at year-end. The audited summary is attached as an annex.

Minute 4: Election of Office Bearers

This segment of the AGM was presided over by Mr. Jack O’Regan, BIK Steering Committee Member. It was noted that Ms. Catherine Kiguru, Ms. Lisa Doherty and Mr. Lau Larsen would be stepping down from the Committee with the remaining Committee members kindly agreeing to serve another term.

Amb. Fionnuala Quinlan was nominated and proposed as the 2020 BIK Co-Chair by Ms. Kathleen Vaughan and seconded by Ms. Jo Ryan, Mr. Quentin Rukingama was nominated and proposed as the 2020 BIK Treasurer by Mr. Darren Gillen and seconded by Ms. Kathleen Vaughan, Ms. Rachel Ngindu was nominated and proposed as the 2020 BIK Assistant Treasurer by Mr. Kenneth Gitonga and seconded by Ms. Catherine Kiguru.

It was further announced that a new member would be joining the 2020 Steering Committee and Mr. Gordon Odundo was nominated by Mr. Simon Shrubsole and Seconded by Ms. Natasha Haavi.   The other members of the committee retained their seats in the Steering Committee as follows:

Chair: Darren Gillen

Secretary: Kathleen Vaughan

Ass. Secretary: Pari Lalani

Committee Member: Jack O’Regan

Committee Member: Natasha Haavi

Committee Member: Tony Wood

Minute 5: Raffle

Mr. Gillen presided over the afternoon raffle that saw winners walk away with prizes sponsored by BIK corporate members such as East Africa Breweries Limited, DT Dobie, Intertek, Tamarind Tree Hotel among others.

Minute 6: Conclusion and Closing of AGM

Mr. Gillen thanked everyone for attending the final BIK business breakfast meeting and AGM, and urged members to renew their subscriptions for 2020.