The BIK Guide to Doing Business in Kenya 2016 is a resource on investment in Kenya. The Business Ireland Kenya (BIK) Steering Committee commissioned this guide, financing the project with funding from the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support and Africa Strategy Fund.

This guide presents, in an accessible format, key information about the general economic and business context in Kenya. It also includes an overview of business and investment opportunities in some of the key sectors of the Kenyan economy. It details much of the practical information necessary to a business, including legal frameworks, the taxation system, the availability of key skills and regulation of labour, and immigration requirements.

This Guide has been designed as a general source of key information for interested investors, accurate at the time of publication in December 2016. It includes references where readers can find more information on specific topics. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information included in the text, the BIK Steering Committee cannot bear any responsibility for errors or omissions in this publication.


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